BYC: the duvet edition

Hi.  Long time, no see.

Okay so things have been crazy.  But we have some good shit going on in Casa de CSD.  Some non-house related summer fun shit.  But some fantastic house shit.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Every once in a while week or so, there in a conversation like this that happens in our house:


In the words of every person I ever interview for any position in my day job: my biggest weakness is that I am just TOO enthusiastic.

And so – not infrequently – I get a look from Michelle that says (more clearly than any words ever could) “Bitch You Crazy” (BYC).

Side note – she is not incorrect about 50% of the time.

Most recently, that look came when I turned to Michelle and said to her that I thought we needed to make a cover.  For our duvet.  With a sewing machine.

I gave a lot of reasons for this decision.  These included:

  1. It will give us a sense of accomplishment that we made our duvet!
  2. It will allow us to totally personalize and have an original cover for our bed!
  3. It will save us money!

For the record, number 3 ends up being totally false.  Like totally.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a damn liar.  And you can tell them I said this.  Unless they are scary and might hurt me.  I am not saying you cannot make a duvet cover on the cheap.  But when you are like Michelle and I and walk into a fabric store saying “let’s find something on sale – let’s find something on sale – let’s find something on sale – OOH!  LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL FABRIC!!!!” – you are not making a cheap duvet cover.

How did it turn out?  You be the judge:

if CSD is the judge, that shit is the bomb.

if CSD is the judge, that shit is the bomb.

How did I do it?  I followed one very good Design Sponge post word for word.  Like obsessively.  And it did not lead me astray.

Is it perfect?  Two words:  Hell. No.

Do I love it?  Oh my god, yes.  It is like my child.  I am so proud (and probably at least a little pathetic).

Does it make me want to sew other shit?  Ummm, yes.  Other duvet covers?  Uh huh!  Curtains?  Of course!  All-season water-proof bomber-style jacket for one Carmen Sandiego?  Check check CHECK!


Bitch you NOT crazy.

Bitch you NOT crazy.