(recipe) paleo egg muffins

I have trouble believing anything a healthy person tells me.

Some of the things that I hear from healthy people (people like my wife) are:

  • (Exhibit A) “Water is better for you than wine.”
  • (Exhibit B) “Key lime pie does not count as a fruit.”
  • (Exhibit C) “Neither does apple pie.”

My knee jerk reaction to comments like these is to stick my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la” as loud as I can.

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garden 2015: update, the first


It is that wonderful time of year – Spring!

The time when the little baby cardinals that have spent their first few days outside of our bathroom window fly the nest (perhaps because of the persistent hungry eyes and watering mouth of one Carmen Sandiego).

The time when Michelle finds a nest of house finches on our front porch (after using her “adult words” to wonder aloud how so much bird shit could land in one concentrate circle right outside our front door).

Spring really is about wonderment, isn’t it?

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