Adventures in RVA-ing: oh, right, that international bike race

UCI, if you were trying to impress me, you did not start on the right note.

(which is to say that I had read there was supposed to be a beer truck – and there was, in fact, no beer truck)

But by the end of the time trials, we made our peace. We cool, UCI.

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Adventures in RVA-ing: Most fun in a Catholic Church award goes to …

(allow me to answer that question before anyones’ minds start going to altar boys …)

St. Benedict’s Oktoberfest!

Guys, I feel like the catholic church has been missing out on a lucrative fundraising opportunity for many years.  I mean, seriously, you take:

  • One church parking lot (how could this go wrong with a start like that?)
  • Two gigantic beer trucks
  • Fifty beers on tap … 11 of which are PUMPKIN (!)
  • Oh yeah, and you might get to see this:

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Where’s my case of champagne?

My best pieces of advice to anyone considering marriage: (1) marry your favorite person in the world. (2) doing it twice = double the anniversaries.  I did both.

Best. Decision(s). Ever.

happy anniversary month to my favorite person in the world.  My love for you is like CSD’s love of food – unrelenting and amazing how much it grows everyday.

Patriot Sprint Triathlon 2015 report: Hand me my hefty tiara

Athena. Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, mathematics, arts, crafts, and general all-around bad ass. She is the patron goddess of “heroic endeavors.”

For those interested, “heroic endeavors” apparently include having the balls to sign up to stuff your excess body fat into a swimsuit and swim, bike, and run your chubby little heart out. According to USA Triathlon.

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