the right way to beat yo’self

(N.B. this is not a post about BDSM.  Sorry.)

In the field of athletic things, I have a long track record of beating myself up (i.e. the wrong way).  It is always “I could have been faster” or “I didn’t leave it all out there” or “I really should lose some weight before I sign up for X, Y, or Z.”

Which made what happened today pretty freaking phenomenal.

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Tri 2016: getting better

I have never really set “improvement” goals for athletic activities. Seriously, I am happy most mornings to get out of bed and pump out my 60 minutes of cardio before climbing back in my PJs.

This is kind of funny because I actually love goals. I regularly say “sure I will try this new bigger thing to see if I can do it.” Half marathon, triathlon. But once I cross it off the list, I am ready for the next thing.

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Patriot Sprint Triathlon 2015 report: Hand me my hefty tiara

Athena. Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, mathematics, arts, crafts, and general all-around bad ass. She is the patron goddess of “heroic endeavors.”

For those interested, “heroic endeavors” apparently include having the balls to sign up to stuff your excess body fat into a swimsuit and swim, bike, and run your chubby little heart out. According to USA Triathlon.

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